Top 5 Things I Dislike About Books (Guest Post)

I’m so happy I got a chance to guest blog on blog and I’m sure I’ll be ready for guest posts on my blog too in April because I’m going to have my exams.

So today I decided to do a post about the things that I dislike in books. Of course these things are not that important and nor do they lessen my love for books in any way but still they are there.

Let’s start.

1) Big font for authors and a small one for the title of the book– Okay I’ve observed this on many books. Take for example any Stephen King novel. All of them has his name written so big. I get it that he wants to promote his books by his name and people will buy his books just by seeing his name on the cover but is there really a need to highlight the name so much? I think it gets on my nerves how the cover looks with name so big.


2) All the books in the same series have different heightsThe second most disturbing thing is that the height of the books changes with every sequel. There is no similarity in the whole series and it makes it weird seeing the books on my shelf. I just wish every book to have somewhat same height. It sure seems to be monotonous but in the end it’s a series.

3) Really tiny books– Extremely teeny tiny books scare me. Even if they’re amazing they don’t get a good spot on my shelf. I mean where would I put it?

4) Too much self-promotion– This is somewhat similar to the first point and how authors slip something about themselves on the back cover of the books. And sometimes the ‘little something’ is ‘a lot’. I mean I get to know less about the book and 50% OFF.jpgmore about the author. Is it enough to get me to buy it?

5) Stickers about discounts or something else which won’t leave
– This happened to me one time I had a book which had a good cover and also a yellow sticker about it being sold at 25% lower cost. Of course, I liked the discount but do I need to show that off to people when I show them the pretty cover. Not so much!


These were the small reasons which I get irritated with but they’re not enough to make me dislike books. After all “Only the outer beauty doesn’t matter, what’s inside the books matters a lot!”



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21 thoughts on “Top 5 Things I Dislike About Books (Guest Post)

  1. The different heights thing drives many people up the wall! I agree, if it is all the same publisher you should be able to own a full series in the same format, even if changes are made on reissue.
    #1 and #4 are I think down to the publisher/cover designer and probably not the fault of the author as you imply (“he wants to promote his books by his name”) though I could be wrong; I’m sure there are some authors out there who demand that the books are more about them than the story! Which is ridiculous because if I don’t know the author I’ll be choosing purely by the plot, and if I do know the author I don’t need reminding of their name and life story to convince me to read another of their works!
    A sticker that comes off clean is a joy 🙂
    An interesting read, thank you 😀

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  3. I agree with all of those! They just really get on my nerves. XD But that’s probably because I’m a perfectionist about weird things. It. Must. Be. Perfect.

  4. Interesting post. As for #1, the name of the game is selling books. I think the name Stephen King sells more books than the title–it is a business decision. As for #2 – I see no legitimate business purpose for such an annoying practice. For 3 agree, the only reason for tiny books is so the lack of content will not be so obvious in my view. #4, self-promotion is a necessary evil. You can write the best book, do a high quality print job, but unfortunately without promotion no body reads it. I understand that 93% of published books sell less that 100 copies. Failure to self-promote/market I learned the hard way. On hindsight, I should have spent at least as much if not more time on marketing than actually writing the book–that sounds terrible, probably because it is terrible. But being terrible doesn’t mean that it is true. #5, so you so correct about those stickers that will not come off on books and so many other things.

    I think you wrote a fantastic post. I never say this much and hardly ever comment. Thank you for such a stimulating topics–well done. Oh, I realize other have perspectives different from mine, which is fine. I’m certainly no expert.

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    • Thank you so much! I know the pain of not finding a place good enough for these tiny books to store. Absolutely annoying!

  6. I totally get your point about the author font being twice as big as the title font! That has always annoyed me so much. I mean, I get it that when they are big name authors sometimes all someone needs to see to decide whether to buy the book is the author’s name, but still, it doesn’t need to be so big it dwarfs everything else on the cover… Are we buying a book or a promotion of the author? 😉

  7. number 2 is so true. Especially when you get the books in different editions. And much, much worse if half of them are from a different publishing company.

  8. Haha great points. I’ve never noticed the Big author name before… and I own a lot of Stephen King books that have this. *Shrugs* He is the reason why I’m buying the books after all…

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