8 Week Challenge: Update 2

the caffeinated writer

Here we are, at the end of week 2! Ahh! I knew the time before we moved would fly by, but man!

To refresh your memory, my eight week challenge involves pushing myself to make some good changes and form some healthy habits for myself. For me, this is so that when I move, I feel like I’ve made some accomplishments and I’ve set myself up for success in Texas.

My challenges to myself were to read 30 minutes a day, write 500 words a day, and work on my health.

So here’s my end of week 2 update:

Read 30 minutes a day:

I’ve continued to fail somewhat at this goal. So this is one of my main focuses this week. I’m just putting a DNF on this one book for awhile. I’ll come back to it soon. I just gotta get reading again. That usually helps.

Write 500 words a day:

I accomplished this one! Woo! My total word count for the week was actually just under 8,000. So on an average count basis, I actually exceeded this one this week. Go me!

Work on my health:

I had my hits and misses on this this week. I did, during the week, make some pretty good choices. I packed my lunches, and I got to the gym twice. I was going to go on Thursday as well, but my lower back has been hurting lately, so I went home and did some yoga instead. The weekend is where I lost it (like always). But it’s a new week.

This week:

  • READ A BOOK. I have my iPad at work so I can read The Hunger Games finally. I’ll get into it again. Just need to pick up something interesting is all.
  • Keep working on edits of my high school work. It’s super fun and I’ve already got plans to restart part two with the partner I wrote it with last time once we get to Texas.
  • Make better food choices all week and into the weekend. You can go to the gym everyday but you won’t lose weight eating McDonalds and ramen noodles.
    • I finally rescheduled my alterations appointment for my dress for August 20. So there’s my real timeline. I’d still though like to report some losses for this 8 week challenge.

Another shoutout to my other fellow 8 week challengers. It’s not too late to join in! Just shoot me an email via my contact page!

Hope everyone had a good week!

On to week three! I might start packing soon! AhhhH!

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